About Me

Who’s this John Fichera I keep hearing about? (from no one.)

I’m a well-rounded circle. I’m a champion with a heart of bronze. I’m a tough kid from a sensitive neighborhood.

But really, I’m a guy from Boston with a lot of time on his hands to write, write, write. I’m deeply interested by pop culture, specifically sports and music, and even more specifically, Boston sports and hip-hop. But trust me, I try to expand beyond just those topics.

I’ve been published via Boston University’s news site, BU Today. While I was there I got to live many people’s dreams and got paid to eat/write about food. But I also got to write about interesting subjects, such as a hospice program at the Louisiana State Penitentiary, an art exhibit at the ICA focused on vinyl records, and even a profile on a singer from BU who had her band feature on MTV. Suggested stories are “Grace Before Dying,” my Tasty Burger Review, and my coverage of the ICA exhibit.

Oddly enough, I later found out that my article on Grace Before Dying ended up on its Amazon Page’s “Editorial Reviews section.” It may not seem that special, but I do get to see my name alongside a Boston Globe writer.


Outside of journalism, I’ve done PR, advertising, and marketing work for Boston-area companies. Writing essentially is my life and I’ll never grow tired of it. With an infinite number of things to talk about, it’s pretty easy to keep it going. And this is certainly supported by social media, whether my pins get re-pinned by complete strangers, or getting my friends on Facebook to view this blog, or even getting likes on foursquare for one of my clients.

I also started a group dedicated to Conscious Rap/Alternative Hip-Hop, which I’ve outgrown in terms of musical preference. At the same time, I managed to create a trans-continental community with thousands of members. People share music, pitch their own original content, and…well hopefully not spam it with too many links. I do have to give props to El La Ar for keeping it going, he’s really helped that group take off as well.

Quick Picks


Top three dramas: City of GodShawshank RedemptionGladiator

Top three comedies: Kiss Kiss Bang BangShaun of the DeadIn Bruges


Top three dramas: Breaking BadThe WireFriday Night Lights

Top three comedies: CommunityLouieArrested Development


Top three, all-time: Of Mice and MenIn Cold BloodA Song of Ice and Fire series


Top three, hip-hop: Kanye WestKendrick LamarOutkast

Top three, other: RadioheadJose Gonzalez/Junip, Alt-J


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