Alternate Album Cover #5 – Frank Ocean’s “Channel Orange”


Unlike some of the other albums I’ve featured before, this re-design is one that takes the place of a cover that I think is subpar. The original cover for Frank’s album is forgettable, mostly because it is pretty much just an orange cover with the album title on it. The “Channel” of Channel Orange has some sort of pattern on it, but it’s hard to wring any meaning from it. There are covers that do minimalism effectively (see: Ready to DieSticky Fingers, or 808s & Heartbreak), but this is not one of them. So this is more appropriate.

I wanted to honor the minimalism of the cover and leave some of the elements, while giving it more meaning, especially giving the context of Channel Orange‘s release. Prior to its, Frank Ocean explained that he was (maybe) bi-sexual in a really honest letter. It became a huge story at the time, and the public reaction was very welcoming. In this cover, I am showing the norm (the TV and font on the right) and breaking the status quo and what is expected of you (the TV and type on the right). The image on the right has a checkmark to show how some people only believe in one way being proper, “the right way,” while anything they consider “abnormal” is wrong.

Channel Orange was Frank’s way of showing him breaking these perceptions that he struggled with. It was about him growing up , going through phases, and in the process, developing his true identity. The image on the right may seem put-together, but it’s the one the right that is more eye-catching, more appealing, and the thing we want to know more about.


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