Alternate Album Cover #4 – J. Cole’s “Born Sinner”


Another example of an album cover I already thought was great, this cover (heavy-handedly, I’ll admit) relates directly to the album’s title. The classic snake and apple from the biblical Adam & Eve story plays with some of the themes that come across in this album, specifically temptation, and its less prominent references to religion.

This alternate album is overall very simple and does not need much explanation. Rather than go with lush colors (I could have gone with vivid forest colors) I decided to go with two basic colors and gray scale, representing the darker tones and choices between wrong and right on the album. The font I used was “Don Quixote,” which you can get off if you ever want to play around with it. I’ll also note that when I was looking for images to use, the picture of the snake really struck me, and I thought it would be a great focal point for the album cover. Of course, I completely warped it and made it appear illustrated, rather than depict it in its actual appearance.

Anyways, here’s #4 in this re-imaging of the covers of popular albums, be sure to check out Born Sinner on iTunes!


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