Alternate Album Cover #3 – The Roots’ “Rising Down”


Another example of me making an alternate cover for an album cover that’s already pretty great.

The Roots’ Rising Down is a fantastic album, and includes three of my favorite songs by them: “Rising Down,” “Birthday Girl,” and “Criminal.” The album, like pretty much all albums by the Roots, is a great listen and I highly recommend it. Rising Down is noticeably dark (if the title wasn’t strong enough of a hint) so my design tried to capture the tone of the music while relating to the title itself.

I depict the oxymoronic action “rising down” in my album cover by having an illustrated hand ambiguously positioned in dark water. Is this someone who is reaching ahead, trying to break the surface, or is it someone helplessly trying to keep themselves from sinking? This, to me, represents the term “rising down.”

Interested in listening to Rising Down? Visit the iTunes store to sample some of the album.


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