Alternate Album Cover #2 – Kanye West’s “YEEZUS”


Ah yes, Kanye West’s Yeezus. An album with arguably no cover, Kanye’s sixth solo album divided critics and fans. The industrial production alienated some people, in particular, those who yearn for the days of Late Registration and The College Dropout. Well, too bad, because Kanye’s just keeps trucking forward.

The lines from Yeezus that served as inspiration for this cover came from the hit “New Slaves” …

You see it’s broke nigga racism
That’s that “Don’t touch anything in the store”
And this rich nigga racism
That’s that “Come in, please buy more”

The result is the barcode cross on a minimalistic cover. The left hand colors come from the 808s & Heartbreak album cover, which I added because people have described it as a dark 808s or 808s on coke. Finally, a major part of this idea came from the single art for Lupe Fiasco’s “Freedom Ain’t Free.”

The similarities are pretty obvious, but I thought the idea of this cover translated well to Yeezus. Sure, you can call it a rip off, which is fine. Everyone gets their inspiration from somewhere. I promise the next couple of covers will be more original…


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