Bon Voyage – A Tribute to the Jets 2012-2013 Season

What a hilariously awful season for the New York New Jersey Jets. After their loss to the Tennessee Titans on Monday Night Football, the Jets were officially eliminated from the playoffs. It started out with the trade for Tim Tebow and signing Mark Sanchez to a completely undeserved contract. It ended with a disasterpiece of a team that could not score, turned the ball over in the most embarrassing ways, and were forced to start a quarterback who made mistakes more than anyone else in the league, just because they were paying him too much.

Is there any better way to honor such a remarkable year than with some sweet visuals?

The Butt Fumble

This will be one of the greatest sports-related gifs of all time. It also has been on the Sportscenter “Worst of the Worst” winner for a month, with no real end in sight. I mean, it’s just beautiful.


If the Butt Fumble was the blunder of the year, than the above is the stat of the year. The Pats-Jets game Thanksgiving night was perhaps the best game of the year for New England fans, and the worst game for Jets fans. In fact, Fireman Ed rescinded his fandom following the game, including the deletion of his Twitter account.

The Best Non-Gif Ways To Sum Up The Season

The ineptitude of the Jets’ offense is best exemplified by this score here. There was a mixed bag of emotions associated with this final, however. For all football fans who disliked the Jets, this was an amazing outcome, and included Mark Sanchez completing 13 of 29 passes for 103 yards, 0 TDs and 1 INT. On the other hand, it was a precursor for Tebow Time.

But it actually wasn’t. The Jets kept sticking with Sanchez, and when they didn’t go with the USC prodigy, they rolled Greg McElroy. Poor, poor Tebow…


The above photo was taken during the game that eliminated them from the playoffs. An amazing fact that came from the game involved Sanchez and Tebow’s stat lines.

M. Sanchez 13/28 131 4.7 1 4 3-22 6.8 32.6
T. Tebow 0/1 0 0.0 0 0 1-2 11.8 39.6


So what’s great about this is that Tebow was 0 for 1 and had a higher QB rating than Sanchez, who played the entire game. Sanchez turned the ball over 5 times, which puts him at 50 turnovers since the start of the 2011 season. Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum really doesn’t want to admit he’s made a mistake, and it’s costing the franchise their dignity. Mike Tirico summed up the Jets season perfectly at the end of Monday night’s game.

“That’s the way this game should end, that’s the way the Jets’ season should end. Ugly, and a loss.”
– Mike Tirico

Ouch. And he’s right, it was a truly ugly season…

Jets Highlight Reel



Sanchez contemplates a career change.

Jets at least have a good defense right…? Anyone could let a wide receiver throw a touchdown to another wide receiver, right…? Guys? Damn, I guess even Golden Tate is a better QB than Sanchez.

Best hands in the league. (Just in case you were done watching it in video form.)

Even better hands.


Gotta give their special teams some props too.

And their running game…

Sanchez doodles on a clipboard after he’s benched. Millions wonder what he could possibly be drawing/writing.



Rex Ryan Had A Rough Year Too…


I’m not even sure what to call this. It was during the Seahawks-Jets game, so I’m just assuming it happened after Golden Tate threw that touchdown.

The classic hungry Rex.


In all seriousness, this is probably the end of the Jets as the NFL knows them. No more Rex Ryan-fueled antics, no more Mark Sanchez scraping by because the defense is so great, and probably no more mention of Tim least on this team.

To be fair, Santonio Holmes and Darrelle Revis, arguably the best players on their respective sides of the ball, went down pretty early. The Jets had the least experienced receiving corps by far, and maybe that made their run game suffer. But, Shonn Greene, isn’t that great either. He also has no idea how to spell his first name.

Even though it’s not from this season, there’s only two ways to properly conclude a Jets highlight reel.


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