(RG)Three Wins to Glory

Tonight’s game between the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders is a snoozer of a matchup, but it does mean the start of the Catalina Wine Mixer II’s fantasy football playoffs.

I was 4-2 against the five other teams in the playoffs during the regular season, and have beaten the top seed twice. That being said, I had my lowest fantasy scoring week against the team I’m playing this week, and still only lost by .38 points.

Here’s what happened:

• My running backs (and RG3) failed to hit their ridiculous average of 340 rushing yards per game.

• RG3 put up less than 12 points (only other time that happened was when he left a game with a concussion).

• Owen Daniels was on a bye, and Martellus Bennett only put up 2.9 points.

• AJ Green and Torrey Smith were on a bye, and Antonio Brown only put up 3.8 points.

• Sat Stevan Ridley, who put up 127 yards and a touchdown, which would have been a higher point total than the three I started: Adrian Peterson, Chris Johnson, and Alfred Morris.

• Peterson was still a beast though.

Here are the similarities this time:

• RG3 and Alfred Morris are playing, yet again, a top team from the AFC North.

• Chris Johnson is playing against the Colts again.

• I’m sitting Stevan Ridley again (Patriots are playing the Texans).

• I’m starting a player (Owen Daniels this time, Chris Givens last time) against the Patriots, my favorite team.

• Adrian Peterson is going up against a tough rush defense.

• A WR is going against the susceptible Redskins secondary.

Key differences this time:

• AJ Green and Torrey Smith are playing, with Smith going against Redskins. He’s definitely a better receiver than Brown.

• RG3 and Alfred Morris aren’t up against the Steelers. Why is that important? Pittsburgh allows the least yards per game, and Baltimore allows the 8th most.

• Jason Hanson isn’t going up against the Seahawks. Sure, he’s only a kicker, but he scored 18 points last week.

Opponent’s differences:

• Tom Brady  won’t win 45-7 with over 300 yards and 4 touchdowns, right? Right…?

• Eric Decker isn’t going against the atrocious Saints pass defense. (Oh, they’re playing Oakland…)

• Bryce Brown is playing really well, with points in the 20s the past two games.

• His kicker won’t get just one point.

• The Seahawks won’t give up 28 points to the Cardinals.



Well, regardless, nothing is certain in fantasy football, and everyone who’s in the playoffs deserves to be there. With a very close matchup projection and Tom Brady, my favorite QB on my favorite team, playing on Monday, I can only hope that I’ll be up 60 going into that day.

Otherwise, I guess I’ll be rooting for myself to lose. Because when it comes down to it, I guess the best way to go would be the Patriots lighting up the Texans in what will quite possibly be a playoff preview. The next fantasy-related post will either be pure joy, or bitter disappointment. It’s been fun, for sure, and I guess I’ll have to talk about regular football if I’m eliminated. Could be worse.


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