‘Bout Damn Time: Clinching a Fantasy Football Playoff Spot

Let’s recap here…

• My QB (RG3) has the fourth-best passer rating in the NFL.

• My QB has most fantasy points out of all players.

• Two of my RBs (Adrian Peterson, Alfred Morris) have the most and fifth-most rushing yards in the NFL.

• Three of my RBs (AP, Morris, and Stevan Ridley) rank in the top ten (3, 7, 10) in fantasy points among RBs.

• One of my WRs (AJ Green) is third in receiving yards in the NFL.

• A.J. Green ranks first in fantasy points among WRs.

• My TE (Owen Daniels) ranks fourth in fantasy scoring among TEs.

• My D/ST (Denver Broncos) are third in D/ST scoring.

• My kicker (Jason Hanson) is 8th in fantasy socring in his position.

• I’ve scored the most points in the league.


I documented in my last fantasy post how I have been scraping by because of bad luck, in particular, always being matched up against the wrong person. Sure, at the beginning of the year I talked about taking risks at the draft because it would be more fun, but having the best team in the league and barely making the playoffs is frustrating.

That being said….


Thanks to the majority of the teams fighting for the last spot losing, I’ve already clinched a spot going into the final week of the regular season. Now that I’ll be entering the playoffs, this is where having the highest scoring team helps.

Now that that’s out of the way, here are the brags and busts through Week 12.


Brags: Come on…nothing has changed to take this title away. He had two sub-15 point games, but then put up 62 in the next two. This guy is a stud, those throwbacks were incredible, and he’s a major reason why my team leads the league in scoring. For other brags, take your pick between Brees, Brady, and Rodgers. The brag in this case would be that you were able to draft them in the first place.

Runner-up brags: Andy Dalton’s been pretty solid this season with 23 TDs to 11 INTs. There’s also Matty Ice (Ryan), who has been up-and-down of late, but still ranks 6th among QBs. But really, aside from RG3, the players who were expected to perform are performing. Even Cam Newton has snuck into 7th place.

Bust: Michael Vick. The dude has always been injury prone, but his offensive line isn’t doing anyone favors. He seems to always been under pressure, and even received a fantastic nickname from ESPN personality Michael Smith.

Out of the frying pan: What an awful season for the Chargers. Norv Turner should be fired and Phillip Rivers looks like he’s by far becoming the worst QB among the other talent from his draft class: Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger. An 18:14 TD:INT ratio is just ugly.


Brags: Doug Martin’s 251 yard, 4 TD performance made me think the dude was going to be insanely overrated for the remainder of the season. While my assumption is somewhat supported by his stats in the three games since then (256 yards, 2 TDs), he still has put up double-digit points every week since then. Adrian Peterson is still a beast and is still leading the league in rushing/manliness/Purple Jesus-ness.

Runner-up(s): Arian Foster has been unbelievably reliable this season, leading all RBs in points, with his lowest score being 8.5 points in a week where the Texans were playing catch up. Granted, Foster was considered to be the top pick in many preseason polls. If you took a gamble on Trent Richardson, who might not have gone in the first round in your draft, then he’s brag-worthy. Aside from three games, he has put up double digit points every week and has been on fire since week eight.

Busts: Anyone from the Dallas Cowboys and Caroline Panthers running games. Period.

Out of the frying pan: Like Vick, Darren McFadden has never played a full season, and the trend continued this year. He’s also been incredibly inconsistent, with decent weeks followed by lackluster performances. Ryan Matthews is in the same injury boat, and those of you who drafted him in the first round should be ashamed. Ashamed.


Brags: Snagged this guy in the third round and he leads all WRs in points. AJ Green is my hero. The man had touchdowns in 9 straight games, and when the streak was broken, hes still put up 111 yards. In other words, he’s as reliable as ou can get. If you thought the reunion of Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall would be a glorious one, then you were right (at least in Marshall’s case). He’s second in the league in scoring, and is putting up near-identical numbers to Green’s.

Runner-up(s): Randall Cobb and Cecil Shorts have become big parts of the Packers and Jaguars offensive attacks, respectively. Damn right I said “Jaguars offensive attack.” Since week seven, Shorts has put up double digit fantasy points in 5 of 6 games, and has 16, 14, and 16 points in the past three games. Clearly, Chad Henne is an improvement over Blaine Gabbert for this team. Cobb obviously benefits from yet again a Rodgers’ MVP-caliber season, but has really come into his own since week five.

Busts: Greeeeeeeg Jennings and Larry Fitzgerald. Just go see the last two fantasy-related posts, these guys are mainstays here. In summation: poor performance (and injuries) for such high expectations. At least all the commercials Jennings is in are pretty good, which I cannot say for his teammate Aaron “Discount Double Check” Rodgers.

Out of the frying pan: Justin Blackmon’s outrageous 42 points over the last two games doesn’t change the fact that he had a horrible first ten weeks. And Hakeem Nicks really fits in with the story lines we see in the “Busts” section here, but I LET HIM OFF THE HOOK.


Brags: The top guys (Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham) are definitely up there, but let’s respect the veterans who are having big fantasy season in their position: Heath Miller and Owen Daniels. Neither really ever wowed anyone, but both have been snagging plenty of red zone targets, resulting in six touchdowns each. They both also have over 500 yards receiving and have been solid contributors. Downside of Miller is that the Steelers don’t know who their quarterback is now.

Runner-ups: When Kyle Rudolph is on, he’s on: the life of a TE who relies on the TD. With sub-400 yards receiving thanks to a sub-par QB, Rudolph still sneaks into sixth among fantasy scoring in the TE department because of his seven TDs. Also, look out for Jermaine Gresham in the upcoming weeks, as he could be stealing AJ Green’s TDs.

Bust: Sorry, Jermichael Finley, your first double digit fantasy performance since week one doesn’t let you escape this section.

Out of the frying pan: The reunion of Jacob Tamme and Peyton Manning <<< The reunion of Marshall and Cutler.






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