Music Mondays, Case #5 – The Greatest Music Video Ever?

This pretty much has all you need as both a song and music video.

Banger of a beat? Check. Addicting chorus? Check. Awesome, leg failing dance? Super check.

I was recently introduced to South Korean rapper Psy’s masterpiece, and wish I had known about it sooner. Over a month old at this point, the song has now been stuck in my head for the past 24 hours…and I don’t really know any of the lyrics. But the song itself is not what this Labor Day-shortened post is about. It’s about, well…

Psy rapping by a children’s playground, on a merry-go-round, in a stable, sauna, and a subway. He let’s his models get thrown about in a wind storm and his background actors get nearly blown up under an abandoned highway. He dances with a little kid, with horses, with what can best be described as a human banana and gets danced over by a man in an elevator.

And it’s the most-viewed K-Pop video (83 million views on YouTube) in K-Pop history.


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