Music Mondays, Case #4: Kid Cudi Spazzin’

• A Kid Named Cudi was perhaps one of the greatest mixtapes of the aughts.

• Man on the Moon: End of the Day was perhaps one of the greatest debut albums for a hip-hop artist ever.

• Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager was perhaps one of the biggest disappointments for a follow-up ever.

• WZRD was just…odd.

Case closed, I covered Cudi enough…wait, what’s this??



But how did it get to this point? I give you, Cudi’s good, decent, and weird.


The Good

A Kid Named Cudi had plenty of songs that deserved to be on a major album release:


These songs introduced the world to the “lonely stoner” Kid Cudi, who was very introspective and deep. But, he was also very calming. Cudder chose beats that appealed to a music community that (peacefully) demanded a laidback style of music.

Hey, the album DID have a song that was a part of a major album release…and then some…

“Day n’ Night” was everywhere. The Crookers remix was everywhere too. Cudi got wider exposure through these songs, and helped his debut album gain some momentum.

Sampling an already ultra-hit from Lady Gaga while bringing in two rap legends in Kanye West and Common? Now that’ll get some recognition. But it’s not what made Man on the Moon: End of the Day the spectacular album that it was.

Everything about “Pursuit of Happiness” is perfect. The second music video is a work of art. The song itself has great, personal verses from Cudi, and an anthem of a chorus. Plus, Ratatat!

And of course, a personal favorite. A song for when you’re down, or according to the music video (I guess), for whenever.


The Decent

“The Decent??” What a copout.

But really, there is some of Cudi’s music that’s very good, some that’s just “…”, and some that’s just ok. This is basically the middle of his career.

“Erase Me” was the main single off of Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager. And it wasn’t all that bad. But compared to the singles of his previous effort, it felt like something was missing. A smooth flow perhaps? Or maybe it was the more rock-oriented beat. Props for looking like Hendrix though.

At this point, Cudi made no attempts at hiding one of his temptations… and ”Marijuana” encapsulates this bluntly (teehee). Love the piano in the song, though still not a personal favorite.

Meanwhile, Mr. Solo Dolo was being featured in My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Showing up in “All of the Lights” which was meh (for him, fantastic for Kanye, Rihanna and…Fergie?!), and “Gorgeous,” where he realty strived on the chorus.


The Weird

WZRD. Pretty much all of it. Kid Cudi gave up what he was known for, losing one of his vices in weed. But as he later admitted, it gave him some serious writer’s block as well. And the music suffered. But let’s give Cudi credit, at least it was tolerable, as opposed to Lil’ Wayne’s attempts at a rock cross-over.

Like Lil’ Wayne could even manage a muddy country-esque guitar riff. Kudos for trying, Cudi.


The Return

With “Just What I Am” and his feature on Hit-Boy’s “Old School Caddy,” Kid Cudi seems to have returned to have found his “inspiration” again.

So get pumped for Indicud. 


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