Pretty Boy Lloyd: The Patriots’ Newest Legend

All smiles – The Pats’ WR should love his new home this season.

Every ball is catchable.

At least that’s what the Patriots’ new downfield threat thinks. In an interview with ESPN Boston, Lloyd explained, “When I look at the call sheet and I look at the plays, I just imagine catching any possible way. “

It’s only the pre-season, but Lloyd could be the wide receiver the Patriots were looking for all last season. What can get any Pats fan more excited are these stats:

Since 2008, there have been 20 receivers with more than 65 targets of at least 21 yards downfield. The only one not to drop a deep ball? Brandon Lloyd (88 targets).

Over the past two season, Lloyd was the most targeted receiver on throws deeper than 20 yards downfield, with 73 such targets. His quarterbacks during that time? Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford, A.J. Feeley and Kellen Clemens as his quarterbacks.

(via ESPN)

What do these mean for this season? Well, for one, it’s that we can rely on Brandon Lloyd’s hands. For all those fans who claim Welker’s drop was the reason the Patriots lost the Super Bowl, you can at least feel good about that first Lloyd stat.

For the dreamers, you’ll look at these stats and think of Brady-to-Moss back in ’08. The man separates himself from downfield coverage better than anyone on the roster could last year (Gronk just overpowered them). Did I say the man separates himseld from coverage? I meant pigskin-catching-machine. The dude elevates as well as Randy Moss, thanks to his high school high jump career. And look who was throwing to him those two years in Denver and St. Louis:

QB Rating:


Kyle Orton  – 75.7

Tim Tebow – 82.1


Tebow – 72.9

Sam Bradford – 70.5

AJ Feeley – 66.0

Kellen Clemens – 73.8

Tom Brady’s ratings from 2010 to 2011? 111.0 and 105.6, respectively. When playing a full season, Brady’s lowest Rating is an 85.7.

As Gronk and Hernandez go into beastmode, Welker sticks and moves on his routes, and the young plethora of runningbacks show that they’re worth their weight, Brandon Lloyd will be blazing into the 20-yard-plus club, making this offense as omnipotent as ever.

And every ball will be catchable.


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