Picks of the Week: Aug. 6 – 12

“Picks of the Week” will cover film, TV, music, sports, and gaming. Old, new, and upcoming releases, I’m sure you can find something that will get you over the case of the Mondays, Humpdays, and post-less weekends.

John Fichera: helping you get pop cultural meaning in your week (life) since 2012.


From the internet – Marty on Set: A collection of behind-the-scenes photos of the legendary director. (via Reddit)

Trailer for Killing Them Softly – Awesome trailer for Andrew Dominik‘s film, which has Brad Pitt playing out of type.

Here’s the poster for the  trailer as well, which is just as cool (via Slashfilm):

Movie of the week to check out – I’ll continue the theme here and pick a movie featuring Brad Pitt: True Romance.


It will comes at the end of the week, but Breaking Bad is always a guarantee. In fact, I will probably post something Breaking Bad related just because it dominates summer TV.

Breaking Bad submission of the week (via Reddit):

Other current shows to check out: A new Adventure Time is on tonight, and Louie will come back this week, maybe with Parker Posey, maybe not. These guests this season on “Louie” have been pretty big, and a calm Robin Williams last week was wonderful sight. He was reserved and not bouncing off the walls, more Good Will Hunting than, well…Aladdin.

Episode of the week to check out: “A Bill Full of Dollars,” in King of the Hill‘s 13th season. It came up in conversation last night, but the idea of spaghetti sandwiches will always be hilarious to me.

Season of TV to get started on: Season 4 of The Wire. In my opinion, this is the greatest season of television of all time. I was so moved by the story of the children, that this season really go to me. An incredibly touching installment of one of the greatest dramas to grace the small screen.


How fitting that there are no major album releases the first week of Picks, but oh well, time to pick some other songs and albums to hold you over.

Song of the week – Kendrick Lamar is a great young MC and I would love to see him live. This video shows how much stage presence he can have, mustering up some serious energy for a fan who spits Lamar’s “Look Out For Detox,” much to the delight of the crowd.

Album to Check Out This Week – Junip’s 2010 album Fields. I was introduced to Jose Gonzalez when his haunting “Far Away” played at the perfect moment in the game Red Dead Redemption, and soon discovered his work with Junip. This album is very low key and the songs “Without You” and “To The Grain” are must-listens.


THANK GOD THE NFL SEASON STARTED. Oh…it’s the preseason? Well plenty of ESPN speculation and Tebow-ing this week, so let’s focus our attention elsewhere.

London 2012 – Part cocky showboater, part cheetah, Usain Bolt is an entrainment machine. But hey, the U.S. could drop 150-plus points again.

Game of the Week – I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this Wednesday’s game between the A’s and Angels could be huge in determining the wild card. Depending on how the first two games go, there could be a lot of pressure on the Angels’ Greinke. Will he need a few more games to get used to the AL again, or will he shut down the surprising A’s? Billy Beane, you sneaky bastard, you.

Player to Watch – ESPN will tell you it’s Tim Tebow or Mark Sanchez. I will tell you it’s Mike Trout, because of the series between the A’s and because this guy could join Fred Lynn and Ichiro Suzuki as players to win Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player in the same season. Trout is a five-tool player and  the centerpiece of the Angels’ youth movement.


The sad, sad world of knock-offs – via Reddit:

Borderlands 2 Countdown – 42 Days.

Game news – Sony loses over $45 million. Thanks a lot, Playstation Vita. (via Gamespot)

Game to dust off – Crackdown. Sure, its sequel was disappointing, offering pretty much the same exact thing while not really approving on much else. But this game was pure goofy fun, and the only game I’ve beat more than three times.

Well that’s it for Picks of the Week. Have suggestions for next week? Leave a comment!


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